A Life In The Day Of A Slave ~ Memiors For My Mistress

Chapter 1

A day in the life of a slave

I wake in total darkness and discomfort. It feels as if my cock and balls are being squeezed in a steel vice. It takes a few moments for me to realise what is going on. I have woken from a dream in which my Mistress has me strapped to a whipping bench and is sitting astride me, beating my backside in time to the rhythm of the beat on her favourite heavy metal track in the ipod.

All a good reason
to awake aroused, but why the pain and the darkness.

I am a businessman away visiting parts of my company for meetings with teams from the firm around the country and I am staying in a hotel away from home. But I am also wearing a heavy steel chastity device locked on before I left home, and with the key left there as well, so no possibility of release from it. I am also not in the bed but on the floor, naked, in a fabric hood which allows me to breathe easily but which has a blindfold sewn into it to put me in complete darkness so I cannot see. My wrists and ankles are secured with cuffs and chains and I am wrapped in a rubber sheet.

Why is this? It is because my Mistress has ordered it. She orders chastity with no release all the time when I leave home, and decides how I spend my nights away in hotel rooms. She makes the rules and I obey because I am Her slave and property.

She has ordered this and I am not permitted to take off the hood or the manacles until the alarm goes of. Then I will be able to get up but until then I must stay as I am, in the dark and the chains.

As I remember my situation and my orders the pain in my crotch becomes worse. The best way to relieve it would be to get up, and apply lots of cold water in the bathroom until the arousal fades and the pressure disappears. But I must stay as I am a I have been ordered, so I lie there until the pain and discomfort slowly ease and I fall into a fitful sleep until morning.

The alarm rings and I get up, take off the hood and the chains and pack everything away in my case. Today is going to be a busy day with lots of meetings in the morning but I am permitted to see Mistress in the afternoon before returning home.

I wash, concentrating to check I am prepared, face shaved, nipples shaved, and shaved cock and balls, which I last did three days ago before putting on the chastity, but I check again for stray hairs visible. Mistress will check and I must be ready for Her inspection.

I need to look good, and dressed for the meetings ahead, but underneath it is all so different. Under my clothes I will be wearing my steel collar, my ankle chains and my steel chastity. There will be nipple clamps applied so the nipples will be properly swollen for the afternoon. My orders for today were clear. All of these things plus a butt plug, and tight support pantyhose, to remind me that all of me belongs to my Mistress. They squeeze my legs and my backside so tightly, making it difficult to walk with other than short steps. They remind me all the while that Mistress is in control

On goes the rest of my clothes and I appear like any other businessman in the hotel, , clean shirt, tie, freshly pressed suit, polished shoes. Nothing out of the ordinary but underneath constantly reminded that I am a slave and one who must obey all orders of his Mistress.

After a quick breakfast it is time for work. A whole series of meetings for planning and reviewing progress and finally a speech to all the staff. I stand there showing them how things might develop over the next year, but I am thinking of how things might develop for me later in the day with Mistress. I never know in advance what will happen, and that is part of the reason I get so excited.

All the time in the meeting I cannot help myself thinking of Mistress, from feeling of the butt plug when I sit on a hard chair (her orders to only sit on hard chairs today) and the crushing of my legs by the tights under my trousers, or the knowledge that there is a steel band around my neck which chafes as I move my head

As soon as the meeting is over I head for my car to set off. I text to let Mistress know that I am on my way, and check that I have everything I need. I have Mistress’s favourite perfume, the scented candles she loves, and I am more than ready for fun and torment, whichever She chooses today.

As I drive the 50 miles to her house, isolated amongst wide open fields I think of Mistress and all she means to me. She really does mean so, so much, everything, and she does control my life. She is the reason I am dressed as I am, and even in the discomfort from the nipple clamps and tights that is how I want to be.

I drive without stopping, except to buy her fresh flowers, and to apply the electrodes to my balls and connect them to the shock device she likes to use on me. Well stuck on so she can shock my balls from a mild shock to one that leaves me screaming, I test it is working and the controller ready to hand over on my arrival. I check it is working and get back in the car.

My arrival is timed. I am expected to arrive exactly when Mistress has decided, not earlier or later, and the penalties for being late are extreme. I arrive exactly at 2pm to the minute and breathe a sigh of relief. I take the bag containing the perfume, the candles, and her flowers, hold the controller ready for use, and go to knock on the door. Will Mistress be there, or will she make me wait. I do not know and I do not care, I am where I want to be.

But the door is already unlocked and open, so after knocking I enter to see he standing there looking fabulous dressed in he favourite black leather catsuit. Mistress looks amazing, so poised , so powerful, so much the Mistress and owner I serve and adore.

She always looks good , no matter how she is dressed. She is tall, fair and beautiful, and her beauty bowled me over the first time I saw her. Whether “normal clothes” kimono, latex or leather she looks so good and power radiates from her as she stands there. I put down my bags, and flowers, hand over the controller, and sink to my knees before her, MY Mistress, and lie prostrate before her ready for anything she may want to do.

Now is the time. Now I am in the presence of my Mistress. Now all that matters is my total submission and obedience to Her wishes. She knows what she wants to do. I have no idea of what is coming. She will decide and I can only lie there and await her decision.

She stands there looking down at me, but I can no longer see her face. It is so beautiful but my face is buried in the carpet at her feet, and there I will stay.

I lie there in anticipation. Is it to be bondage, hooded so I am kept in the dark and cannot see Mistress but only hear her voice? So seductive so sensuous a voice, it turns me inside out when she speaks to me. Will there be pain and torment, or the most exquisite agony of pleasure? She knows.

Suddenly I am pulled up to kneel before her, and she grasps my nipples to make sure I have the nipple clamps on. The nipples are swollen and so, so tender already, but her touch is electric and I can feel tremors going through my whole body. I am pulled to my feet and she pulls at the nipples, keeping me close to her so I can smell her perfume. Her smell is ravishing. The odour I can smell is made up of her natural perfume, which is so exotic, so sensuous, and so fits her personality, and her favourite perfume on top of that. She is touching me and pulling out my nipples and I feel as they are going to explode. It is amazing and my senses reel before it. If she was not holding me, my body would do the same and I would be back on the floor where I belong. She is so good to me.

Now she is all firmness and clarity. Strip is the order, and I strip until I am naked except for my collar, the chastity, the ankle chains, and the nipple clamps She inspects me to make sure I am properly shaved and the feel of her hand grasping my nipples and balls is such a shock, for she grasps my balls and squeezes them, and applies her sharpened nails to my nipples, which makes me almost cry out with the shock.

She stands back and says. You need to be put down for a period to get you ready for the rest of the afternoon. The rubber bag is already laid out and I am placed in it, zipped in so I lie on my back on the floor. The bag has holes for her to torment my nipples and my balls, but its secret is that it is inflatable, and as she starts the pump I feel myself being totally crushed. Once the bag is taut it gives her something to use as a seat, and to increase the pressure. She asks if I am all right, and checks the electric shocking device still works with me in the bag. Oh Yes, it works, soft at low power, so severe at maximum that all I can do is whimper.

Now for the hood which is applied and I enter a world of darkness. it can be inflated as well, and my head now looks like a large football. There are holes in the front so I can breathe easily, but I cannot see, and hearing is difficult. Before I am left alone Mistress checks the nipple clamps and tightens them until I feel my nipples about to burst. I hear the door shut and I am left alone.

This is total bondage, total control, and it so, so liberating. I cannot move, I cannot do anything, but I can think of Mistress and , the smell of her scent, and the way she stood there when I arrived looking so dominant, so wonderful.

I do not know how long I am left like this, but Mistress returns and lies down on the rubber bag in which I am imprisoned. Pressure increases, and now she uses the holes in the bag to allow her to torment my nipples whilst shocking me with the ball electrics. I am overwhelmed with sensation and all I can do is beg for more, and more, and more for I am in agony but it is so much pleasure as well.

Next Mistress decides I need a good flogging, so my dream comes true, strapped down on her whipping bench with her sitting across me and beating in time to the music. The beat goes on: the beating goes on, until suddenly she stands up and starts with the whips, and finally the cane. Harder and harder, faster and faster she goes, until all I can do is take it. I had started liking bondage and was not interested in corporal punishment at all, but Mistress so obviously enjoys flogging slaves that I have come to like it a well. Anything Mistress enjoys I want her to do. But now because I like it as well

Released from the whipping I am placed in the heaviest steel collar and manacles and allowed to sit on the floor and drink a cup of tea. I can see Mistress, and am sitting at her feet, and she asks me about work and home, and all I have been doing. The change in tempo is so great but I cannot relax, for do not know what will happen next. Getting to my feet I stand in front of Mistress so she can flog my nipples and play with them. They were small like most men’s before she started the process of training me with nipple clamps and rings, but now they are large and swollen and so sensitive. Every touch whether harsh or soft sends shocks through me and I would be erect and almost having an orgasm if I was not so securely locked away. It just feels so, so good. I am not sure whether anyone can imagine the sensation from nipples handled, bitten, crushed and stretched and twisted by Mistress but it keeps me on the edge of exctasy for minutes or even hours.

Now another shock as Mistress shocks me again. So sensuous, so good to know that this is what she wants. I had dreamed of this, but now it is reality, and it is better than any dream. She is in total control and I am there for her pleasure and amusement.

To my surprise the afternoon is still only half over and there is more to come, as Mistress lies down for me to give her a shoulder massage. She took me to be trained how to do this when she went to a professional masseuse with me in attendance in my uniform of black trousers and top, and now I am permitted, no ordered, to do it whenever she decides. The feeling of her skin as I kneed the muscles, the movement of the oiled hands across her back and shoulders, the freedom of movement she gets after I have done the massage are a high point of the afternoon. Pain, pleasure, bondage and the sensuous explosion that hits me from the sight of Mistress, the smell of Mistress, and now the touch of her skin is overwhelming, and I drift into a haze of pleasure, to be reminded by the ball electrics that it is Mistress who is to be served, not my pleasure.

Now time is running out, and it is already dark, so Mistress decides to give me another flogging, this time gagged so I cannot call out. The mixture of flogging, caning and the use of her nails tracing out patterns on my back and buttocks and writing her name with her nails finishes me off, and I lie there making incoherent noises rather than words.

Released I am given another drink, allowed to dress, and given my orders of what I must do. Last night I was tired and missed doing my exercises, which are 120 repetitions of sit ups and press ups and so I am warned that this must not happen again, otherwise I will be severely punished. Today has not been punishment, it has been too much pleasure and I do not want to disappoint Mistress in any way.

Before I go I am permitted to prostrate myself again and dismissed to make my long drive home, but first I am put back into the nipple clamps, left in the light steel collar, and left in the butt plug to remind me that everything belongs to Mistress.
I am finally permitted to kiss her feet. I know that this is all I will ever be allowed to kiss, and this is a sign of my submission as I kneel at her feet and press my lips to her boots, staying there until I am finally allowed to rise.

I head for home and bed and the ability to take the chastity off which will be for the first time in four days sore in my nipples and my backside, but so relaxed, so sated with pleasure that all I can do is grin. Mistress has this effect on me whenever I hear her voice or see her wonderful face. She lifts my spirits, and yet that is only ne of the many reasons I adore her so. She frees me by controlling me. She gives me the ability to receive such pleasure in serving her needs, an above all by being her slave I am in heaven rather than the drab world in which so many live a mere existence.Memoirs for my Mistress


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